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Looking for a server that is like the TeamExtreme server, except not on a cracked launcher (Obviously)

Just like the title says. I have played the Team Extreme server back in the day and I am now a full fledged Minecraft member. I am looking for a server that is similar to the Team Extreme server. Specifically, a server where you can claim land, create groups/factions, sell items between players. I feel that the Team Extreme server was great for these things, but I can’t find any that are like that. Anyone know of any good servers? Thanks.

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Hey, your comment is from the last september, so maybe you found your server now, but whatever xD!

I’m on a very good server named “Atlantica”. It’s an amazing one, where you can do everything you asked, including claim plots at spawn/in the Overworld, and even go in Creative (after 24h of gameplay).

It works on cracked launcher, and on the real Minecraft. (Adress : MC.ATLANTICA.US)

I’m logged in this server as “BlasFlemme”, if you have questions, ask for me when i’m online.

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Also, you have to /register like all the servers.

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Contact me for more informations, Blasou :3

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