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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive upheavals in consumer spending. As people change the way they gift and spend, our State of Gifting report gives you a look into the changing patterns of consumers during these turbulent times.

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This word cloud represents the most popular sentiments delivered with gifts during the 2020 holiday season compared to 2019. The bigger the word or phrase, the more it was mentioned in 2020!

With more distance between loved ones and less traffic inside stores, the 2020 holiday season kicked off earlier than ever with a surge in online shopping.

After analyzing more than 70 million online transactions across all our brands-including 1—800 Flowers, Harry & David, Cheryl’s Cookies, and more—we discovered the motivation behind all those extra gifts:

People didn’t just give more gifts to nurture existing relationships, they also did it to make new connections, support those who struggled, and thank those who went beyond the call of duty.

Then we took a deeper look into our database and gleaned the most popular words from 40+ million personal messages that accompanied gifts. We found that, compared with 2019, almost every little note delivered in 2020 expressed bigger sentiments of heartfelt compassion, newfound appreciation, and a desire to reunite with the recipient in 2021.


Our first reportCách chơi đĩa phanh noted a 50% increase in total gifts sent in 2020 prior to the holidays. In early November, that continued. With no office parties, white elephant exchanges, or shared holiday meals in sight, many people sent gifts to stay close with one another and keep the holiday cheer alive virtually.


* Messages that include “Happy hour”** Messages that include “Surprise you”*** Messages that include “To my wonderful wife,” “To the best Grandma,” “You are my person,” “Know you are loved,” “I love u so”

When in-person interactions were few and far between, gifts gave people a new way to connect with one another.

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People gifted with us more than ever

The limitations of lockdowns and social distancing helped people gain a new appreciation for others. And come holiday time, it showed.


Cách chơi đĩa phanhThe challenges of 2020 inspired people to send gifts from us to essential workers, colleagues and clients.


* Combined percentage-increase in messages for “teacher,” “nanny,” and “nurse”** Gift type: “business gifts”

2020 helped people value essential workers and colleagues in a new way, so they sent them gifts to say, “Thank you for your hard work!”

The search for gifts began online

With people staying safe at home, window-browsing took place through browser windows.


Cách chơi đĩa phanhPeople searched our brands’ social media posts for ideas, browsed our websites and gift guides, and used our search engines to find the “just right” gift.


* Combined Pinterest traffic November-December 2019 to 2020 on 1-800-Flowers and Harry & David Pinterest accounts** Growth in website traffic across 1-800 Flowers brands in November-December 2019 and 2020*** A 380% increase in traffic from the search term “Christmas Cookie Delivery” for November-December 2019 and 2020

This year, finding and giving gifts that expressed a specific sentiment was equally as important as the actual gift itself.

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People said “goodbye” to office parties and “hello!” to more company gifting


We combed through personal messages and sales data to understand how colleagues and businesses wrapped up the year when celebrating the holidays together wasn’t possible.


* Combined percentage increase of messages including: “Thanks for your dedication,” “your leadership this year,” “work and dedication,” “incredible work,” “great boss”** Percentage increase of messages including: “Wonderful clients like you”