Tổng hợp Cách Chơi Custom Hero Survival V1.43, Custom Hero Survival V1

Sự thật về Cách Chơi Custom Hero Survival V1.43, Custom Hero Survival V1 là ý tưởng trong nội dung hiện tại của Chiến Lực. Đọc content để biết chi tiết nhé.

MY FAVORITE BUILDS: (note-I usually buy a skill up to lvl 20 before getting the next skill)Build Name: Lightning Shield FunHero: Str Hero (seige Panda has most HP)Items: Items: 6 Dark Elven GuantletsItems Late: 6 Arthus ArmorTomes: All STRSkills in order bought: Finger of Death lvl 1, Lightning Shield, War Stomp, Holy Light, Divine Shield, Drunken Haze, Unholy Aura, Finger of DeathBuild Name: SummonerHero: Ranged Agility HeroItems: 1 Striker Star (for aura), 4 Arthus Armor, 1 Tri-Mage’s Orb of DragonKindTomes: All Manual of HealthSkills in order bought: Lava Spawn, Phoenix, Infernal, Tranquility, Summon Hawk, Avatar of Vengence, DoomBuild Name: Critical StrikerHero: Melee agility heroItems mid game: Anhk, Mask of Death, 2 Agility Sword, rest gloves of hasteItems late game: 1 Tentacle Whip, 5 ultimate cleaversTomes: Most AGI, some Manual of HealthSkills in order bought: Melee Aura, Drunken Brawler, Holy Light, Cleave, Critical Strike, Roar, Reincarnation, ReincarnationBuild Name: AOE PaladinHero: Melee Strength Hero. I like Earth Panda, since he gets more STR overallItems mid game: Anhk, 5 Dark Elven GuantletsItems late game: 1 Silencer, 5 Arthus ArmorsTomes: All STRSkills in order bought: Blizzard, Divine Shield, Holy Light, War Stomp, Rain of Fire, Evasion, ReincarnationBuild Name: Exploding MeleeHero: Melee agility heroItems mid game: maybe an Agility SwordItems late game: 1 Silencer, 5 Tentacle WhipTomes: Mostly AGI, some Manual of HealthSkills in order bought: Melee Aura, Vampiric Aura, Incinerate, Cleave, Holy Light, Pulverize, Critical StrikeBuild Name: Heavy Damage CasterHero: Melee intelligence heroItems game: 6 Heart of the Wizard Lord ZyTomes: All INTSkills in order bought: Shockwave, War Stomp, Mana Shield, Fan of Knives, Thunder Clap, Carrion Swarm, ImmolationMore builds to come

. For example to see player 1’s skills type -skills 1Fixes for 1.20- Locust swarm tooltip fixed- Spell balance: Animate Dead nerfed, Stampede AOE reduced, bash buffed, Siphon Mana buffed, Heal buffed, Voodoo now makes caster invulnerable also (length nerfed),earthquake slightly buffed, Fighter’s Fury buffed, healing wave buffed, Wind Walk damage buffed, dark ritual buffed, death coil buffed, orb of annihilation buffed, treant HP buffed, Searing Arrows buffed, Charm buffed, Life drain buffed, Disease cloud buffed, Elune’s Grace buffed, Pulverize buffed, essance of blight buffed, Drunken Haze nerfed, Finger of Death buffed, Tornado buffed & no longer channelling,Cloud nerfed,- Melee heroes can’t get Orb of Annihilation, Black Arrows or Searing Arrows on random- No hero can get Dark Ritual or Death Pact on random- Draenei Seer enemy replaced by Furbolg Ursa Warrior- Range enemy attack slightly decreased- New Item: Arthus Armor- small thorns aura added to Plague Treant- Hopfully the gold specs all over the ground that cause lag have been removed- These single target and utility spells now only cost 75 wood per level: Firebolt, web, slow, fairie fire, curse, spell steal, entangling roots, hex, ensnare, shadow strike, storm bolt, sleep, dispell magic, devour magic, mana burn- Skills command now gives the spell level and says “(random)” if the player chose random- Removed disabled triggers from the map to save space- INT heroes with lower HP got increased INT progression- New Spell: Rain of Choas-Banshee and Lobster hero switched out-All enemies now have 0% hp regen